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Our Anniversary Party

Howdy folks!

Its almost been 1 year since we rocked Enmore Rd with our 1st Anniversary party – courtesy of the Pink Chevy’s, Christopher Hawkins & Benny O, my incredible staff who kept up serving everyone all night, and my amazing family who all helped out so much. What a night!

THE PINK CHEVY’S was formed by Founder Mario J. Borg in 1988 in after playing many years with various bands. They had performed at just about every Major Club, Venue, Reception Venue, Festivals, Charity Fundraisers in N.S.W. and QLD, and recently played at Nostalgic festival “Wintersun”. I knew these guys were perfect for our party!!!

If you have visited us here at the diner, then you know we have limited space, so the question arose, where an earth would we put a 5 piece rock & roll band? On the back of a truck, that’s where!


It kicked off about 7pm, and let me tell you – these guys brang it!!!! Dressed in their pink jackets, they are made up of 5 members, Mario, Joe, Wayne, Richard & John. They played every well known rock & roll song from the 50’s & 60’s you could imagine, including Elvis, Buddy Holly, Bill Haley & the Comets and Chuck Berry. It was crazy! We were so pumped, having never made Crepe Cones to live music before ;)


Having advertised the event via Facebook a month prior, you guys all made sure you got in on the fun by turning up and enjoying yourselves! We had $2 scoops of premium Norgen Vaaz Ice Cream happening all night, as well as complimentary Old –Style Punch served by the lovely Peta Von Teese!


Three of our lovely Pinup ladies, Elyan, Peta & Suz added to the sparkle of the night by simply being their beautiful amazing selves, serving punch and mingling with our customers. Love these girls!


Christopher Hawkins wowed the crowd with his fire blowing and mystical glass ball juggling, even roving around the crowd inside and outside of the diner whilst juggling.


Benny O was armed with hundres of balloons and didn’t he keep Indiana entertained!!! There was nothing he could not make out of a balloon this guy, seriously!


Its now 11pm and the Pink Chevy’s are playing their third set, these guys just don’t want to stop! Chevy Mario was playing his electric guitar behind his back and one stage and I even saw a several ladies dancing across the street. What a vibe! People dancing on the footpath right in front of the band including our own parents! Gold!


We made close to 200 hundred Crepe Cones that night. All whilst I was singing and dancing, and laughing


Hearing those golden oldies made my year, I think. And being able to share that with our customers, the people that make us possible – was wonderful. People to this day still comment on what a rockin’ party that was, and indeed, it was!

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